A couple of degrees of separation between myself and a self-centered prick…

Well, this is interesting.

I’m sure everyone’s heard by now of that Atlanta lawyer infected with tuberculosis who is the ultimate representation of self-entitlement and arrogance. In short, if you didn’t hear: when he was advised by doctors not to travel, he went on a trip to Europe. When contacted by the U.S. CDC in Italy and told his condition was far worse than expected, that he was NOT to travel (and in fact put on the no-fly list) and to report to Italian medical officials for isolation, he snuck back into the US. He’s now claiming he did nothing wrong and that people shouldn’t be upset with him, despite the fact that he endangered everyone around him with his selfish “I’m more important than God” actions.

The interesting thing is, my friend Rob had an interesting take on the whole situation on his own LiveJournal. I’ll go ahead and repost his original post here so people can give it a read.

By sure I’m sure everyone who isn’t living under a rock and has access to electricity has heard about the lawyer in Atlanta who did some world traveling while being infected with TB, right? Andrew Speaker. Turns out this was a guy I went to highschool with.

Speaker and I went to Mount Vernon Christian Academy together. I was a sophmore and he was a senior, but we were both in Year Book class together so we saw each other just about every day. Let me tell you, the guy was a douchebag back then, and it appears nothing has changed. He’s a personal injury attorney, so even if he didn’t risk infecting groups of fellow airtravelers, he’s still about as low on the lawyer scale as it gets.

He was also the one senior that none of the underclassmen respected. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him an asshole or anything like that. Best I can describe him would be “obliviously arrogant.” It’s not that he thought he should receive special entitlement or anything, it’s more along the lines of he’d expect special entitlement, without realizing no one else was getting it.

The definitive memory I have of him was sitting in class with him while he was reading the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Our teacher walked by, and took it from him. He raised high hell trying to get it back because he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t read it.

So Andrew, nice to see you’re the same as ever. I take an odd kind of comfort knowing that some things haven’t changed since high school.

2 thoughts on “A couple of degrees of separation between myself and a self-centered prick…”

  1. ahahahaha…nice to see nature is taking care of douchebags…and a few innocent bystanders. :/

  2. I was one year under Andrew at MVCA, went to school with him for 3 years, and he was a dork, someone you would not want to hang out with unless you wanted to get made fun of. He had an ego that was annoying. I remember playing basketball with him on our school team. He sucked, but acted like he was an all-star player while sucking his gut in. He was a little chubby back then.

    Either he was oblivious or didn’t care that people thought of him as socially inept. One of those people who when you ask them, “Did you know that gullable is not in the dictionary?” and reply, “Really!?” However, he always was a nice, positive person, who would always hustle during b-ball practice, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he screwed up majorly.

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