Yet another weekend in review…

Well, it’s Sunday evening, and I get to look forward to heading to work in the morning. It’s been a decent weekend, all told… busy yesterday and quiet today, but then again, there’s nothing wrong with that. :-) It all started on Friday night; Misty was going out for the weekend, so it was going to be a quiet chatting night. So, I decided to play some Gears of War with BloodySinner, Total-MK, Sub-Zero27, and Genku. (They’re all #mortalkombat regulars.) It was a decent night of gaming, all told. At around 10:30 PM, Misty called, so that was the end of the gaming for me. After a bit, I ended up going to bed.

The next morning, I got up bright and early, and took the Avenger in to Spring Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge to get the LoJack system installed in it. I also found that the Bluetooth uConnect handsfree set was in stock, so I opted to have them install it as well. Fortunately, I had brought my laptop with me, so I was able to do web browsing and talk with people online while there. When it got close to noon, though, it turned out that my car wasn’t ready yet. Dave was on his way to the house, so I had Dad come pick me up and bring me home. Shortly after I got home, Dave arrived, and we made our way to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Once done there, Dave was kind enough to take me over to the dealership, where I picked up the Avenger after a bit of a wait. While at the house, Dave and I played a bit on the Xbox 360, and even Mom stopped in to play some Hexic HD. Eventually Louie arrived, and we made our way to Outback for dinner. After dinner, we made our way over to Barney’s to shoot some pool (and watch the Cavs defeat the Pistons). From there, we went back to my house to watch some bullriding. Afterwards, Dave and Louie left, and I headed to bed.

As for today, it’s been relatively quiet. I pretty much spent the day lounging around the house, getting paperwork and the like sorted for the Avenger, and pretty much relaxing. Tonight I don’t plan on doing too much, other than maybe playing some GoW if the others are online and willing to play. Ah, well… at least this week will be relatively quiet, other than spending Thursday and Friday over at Odessa doing an inventory there. It should make for a nice change from the usual. Otherwise, it’s the same old same old. Ah, well… :-)