Rise of the Star

Apparently Overclocked Remix has a new hosted collaboration project. For those who don’t know what the collaboration projects are, they’re remakes of video game soundtracks by a team of remixers. This one will be the fourth collaboration project to see release; the first three were Relics of the Chozo (based on Super Metroid for SNES), Kong in Concert (based on Donkey Kong Country for SNES), and Hedgehog Heaven (based on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Genesis). This new one is called Rise of the Star, and is based on the game Kirby’s Adventure for NES.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve never played a single Kirby game. This will be the first collaboration project I’ve downloaded that is based on a game I’ve never played. However, I figure that if the game’s music was worthy of a collaboartion project, it should be worth listening to. Besides which, it just means I have another CD to add to my collection. ;-)

The project homepage is http://kirby.ocremix.org/. The downloads are available via straight http download or BitTorrent.

I’ll let you all know later how it is. :-)