The Wandering Age: Last Rites

It must be my week to talk about interesting media I’ve found.

Anyway, I was reading the latest news entries from Penny Arcade, when Gabe happened to mention that a company called FatKat Animation had done an animated version of their The Wandering Age story, “Last Rites”. (The Wandering Age is a bunch of quick storylines involving the Cardboard Tube Samurai, who evolved out of an apparent throw-away comic.) Apparently it’s included as part of the PAX ’04 DVD, but FatKat’s website has a low-res Quicktime version version available to view. I saw a few seconds of it (I AM at work, after all), and was impressed.

I might pick up the DVD, which is available here. If you want to see the video, just browse through FatKat’s website (linked above). If you want to read the original “Last Rites”, it’s located here. (Note that there’s a few sketch entries between the prologue and the other two parts.)