Bloody hell… my satellite receiver/DVR is dead.

Well, this sucks.

My DirecTV satellite receiver/TiVo has decided it’s going to die on me. The picture quality had been going out every so often over the past little while, but now it’s just refused to power up. If I unplug the power and plug it back in, it works, but only until I put it into standby mode. After it goes into standby mode, it refuses to switch back on. I think the fans are to blame; even after blowing out the receiver with compressed air the fan blades refused to move. Not only that the system is REALLY hot.

Right now I have two choices: I can either go to Best Buy or Fry’s and pick up a new DVR/receiver for $100, or have Bicycle Repairman (aka, my father) take a look at it and see if he can salvage it. I’m going to go with the first option, and if there’s nothing he can do I’ll just get myself another receiver. We’ll see. Still, it IS a tad annoying…