Restful weekend? Not exactly.

Well, not a whole lot to talk about… but first, because no one’s interested, here’s a picture of my latest desktop. :-)

Main PC desktop - 21 October 2007

Yes, that is Cortana. I got the image from here. Hopefully Misty won’t have a fit when she sees this image… :-)

I was supposed to go to the Renaissance Festival with friends yesterday morning. Unfortunately, the day before I pulled a shift from 7:40 AM to 9:40 PM, so I ended up emailing the one organizing the trip apologizing, and saying that there was no way in hell I would feel like driving to/from Plantersville. It turned out that that was a GOOD thing, as I ended up getting three or four support calls during the day. Also, my allergies and fatigue caught up with me, as I ended up suffering from allergies and a massive headache most of the day. I napped some, but it wasn’t until after I took some Advil and Benadryl that I started feeling better. Even then, I had to stop playing Halo 3 with Sinner, Mimik, and Genku because I was feeling so lousy. It was not one of my better days.

Today was more or less uneventful and restful, except for me and my parents going up to Friday’s in the Woodlands and then to Borders so I could pick up the DVD and score CD for Transformers. Unfortunately, dinner in Friday’s ended up being the worst experience we’ve ever had in a Friday’s. We ordered our drinks at the same time we ordered our appetizer (fried cheese). The fried cheese arrived right before the drinks did. As for our drinks… I THINK what Dad got was Johnnie Walker Black, but it was so watered down it was unreal. Dad sent it back, and the bartender sent it back insisting it was JWB. Dad wasn’t happy, but he grudgingly accepted it. Then when we put in our order, Mom ordered green bean fries and pot stickers. The chefs thought it was an appetizer, so it was served first. About five minutes after Mom had gotten her food, we grabbed the waiter and asked him what was going on. He ran back, checked on the order, found out what happened, and fast tracked it. Ten minutes later, our entrees were served… and Dad had been given the wrong item. By that time we had had it, and the manager came over to talk to us. She was very apologetic and embarrassed by what happened, and ended up taking Dad’s and Mom’s entrees and Dad’s drink off the tab, plus gave us a coupon for a free appetizer next time we go in. She ended up redeeming herself somewhat in my eyes as a result. As for the waiter, we hold him mostly blameless because A) it was a support problem, and B) he’s only a trainee there.

After dinner, we wandered over to Borders, where I picked up a copy of Transformers on DVD using the gift card Misty had gotten me. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the score CD in stock, but will hold a copy for me when it comes in on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll have enough time on Tuesday to go up there and pick it up. Who knows…

Ah, well. For now, I’m just going to relax a bit and spend a little bit of time talking to Misty before I go to bed. Tomorrow should be fun at work, as I have to oversee one of our locations as they have their first day with their brand new phone system (the reason I was at work so late on Friday). I just hope it all works out relatively okay. We’ll see. :-)

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  1. Yeah, I was being nice and not commenting about it. I wish that I were as worthy as these half naked game women that you keep putting up as desktops.

    Love ya.

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