F is for FAIL.

I was downstairs earlier tonight having dinner with Dad (Mom wasn’t feeling up to eating), and Dad had the TV on showing Wheel of Fortune. Now, granted, I realize that Wheel of Fortune contestants are frequently not braintrusts. (Those make their way onto Jeopardy!.) However, I happened to witness a display of utter stupidity the likes of which I had not seen in ages.

The category was “FOOD AND DRINK”. The answer was blindingly obvious very early on, especially before this woman wasted money buying all of the vowels. The end result was the following: “-ERMAN CHOCOLATE CA-E”.

She asked for an F.

While I winced at the gaffe, she used a free spin she had picked up, and spun again. This time, she did ask for a G, and got it. She then asked to solve the puzzle. I figured at that point that it was a slipup due to nerves or something.

She then said, “… German chocolate cape?”

I damn near choked on my drink. So much for it being a one-time slipup. Fortunately, the next contestant solved it immediately.

I don’t know. I realize it’s bad form to mock others for their stupidity, but Jesus… that took the bloody cake. And people wonder why I have little to no faith in humanity…