I try to be an easygoing and friendly customer…

.. but ignore me or treat me with disrespect, and you can forget it.

Right now I’m sitting in a Friday’s off 290. I hadn’t planned on eating here; I had actually planned on eating at Chili’s. However, after I arrived, a host said he would get a table ready. Then a hostess walked up, and sat three groups that had arrived AFTER me. I think she gave one of them my table.

Then she got to me and said, “It’ll be just a few minutes.”

At that point I said, “Why don’t I go elsewhere, then, as I was here before those people you just sat down?”

She gave a bit of a half-hearted apology, saying she didn’t know. I just turned and left.

I don’t like to think of myself as harsh or impatient, but that irritated me beyond belief. At least right now I’m eating somewhere where I was seated immediately and treated well by the waitress. :-) So, for those keeping score, it’s Friday’s 1, Chili’s 0.

4 thoughts on “I try to be an easygoing and friendly customer…”

  1. Actually, you can be quite a bit impatient when it comes to some things. Though this time I will agree that was sad. I love you.

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