A quiet weekend at the end of a busy week…

Well, yesterday it was time to weigh myself again. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much, as I didn’t keep to the diet as much as I would have liked. Mind you, I tried to mitigate it as much as possible, but there’s only so much one can do. To my surprise, I had lost two pounds. At this rate, I might actually make my goal by the end of the year.

This past week, my coworker Brent came in from Houma to get ready to implement our ERP software at our relatively new location on the northwest side of Houston. I spent most of the week at the location as well, in case he needed any quickie database maintenance done. While I was good and had salads for lunch every day this week, I can’t say I was the same for dinner. Tuesday through Thursday, I joined Brent and our consultant Chuck for dinner. Tuesday was a meal at a place called Taso, which interestingly enough was right behind the Party City Dave works at. We had a very delicious meal of sushi there, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that unhealthy. :-)

On Wednesday night, Brent and Chuck decided they wanted to go to Taste of Texas for a steak dinner. Having never been, I decided to tag along and see what the fuss was. Man, that was a nice steakhouse. Truthfully, I hadn’t had such a decent steak since the Old San Francisco Steak House on Westheimer closed its doors. Normally when I eat steak I have to have something like steak sauce or mustard with it. This time, it was juicy enough and tasty enough where I ate it on its own. I was good diet-wise as well, as I had a salad with low-fat Italian dressing and sauteed mushrooms with the steak. Unfortunately, at $35 a steak, it’s not someplace I would go on anywhere near close to a regular basis.

Thursday night was a meal at Pappadeaux. I ended up having pepper shrimp, which was grilled shrimp in a vaguely Asiatic pepper sauce, with dirty rice and asparagus. This is a definite change for me, as normally I get a seafood platter filled with fried shrimp, fried fish, fried crab, etc. This time I definitely intended to eat healthier. To be honest, it also ended up being a tastier meal than I usually get there too, so it was a win-win scenario for me.

I definitely intend to be better this coming week, but with coworkers coming in again it’s going to be a tad difficult. Still, it shouldn’t be too bad so long as I think about what I’m doing and making healthier eating decision. Of course, keeping up the exercise regiment is important as well. I’m still using the hand weights in the morning, and have increased the time doing the DDR thing in the evenings from twenty minutes to twenty five. We’ll see how it goes.

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet weekend, other than doing some database work in the afternoon. I’ll probably watch a rented movie or two tomorrow, and probably do a bit of work if need be. Other than that and talking to Misty, I’ll just take it easy… and prepare myself for the busy week that’s to come. Fun fun.