We seem to have taken in another refugee…

This has been something of an interesting day.

This afternoon I was working on my PC when my mom came into my room. She asked me to come downstairs and see our visitor. I raised an eyebrow, and wondered what she was on about. I cautiously asked if I would need my shoes, and she said it’d be a good idea. I put them on, followed her downstairs, and went out into the back yard… where I got to see our visitor for the first time.

Introducing Taz…

Dad had found her in the open garage. She had a collar and something that looked like a leash. Dad did some asking around, and it turned out someone had tied her to a stop sign for a couple of days. Another family took her in for a day or two looking for her former owners, but finally let her go free, hoping she’d return to her original home. Obviously that didn’t happen.

She bonded pretty quickly with Chase, and then a bit later with Star. After a bit, Dad decided to take her to the shelter on Canino, only to find it was closed. So, he brought her back to have her stay with us overnight. At first he planned on having her stay outside in the back yard, not letting her in, but Mom convinced him to let her in.

After she was in for a bit, Dad sighed and said he couldn’t take her back to the shelter, knowing she’d likely be put to sleep in a few days. So, the decision was made to keep her.

Her name is Taz, and she’s a Australian sheep dog and Australian cattle dog mix as near as we can tell. She’s very friendly, and should be a nice addition to the family. Now we just need to see how she does tomorrow when all of us are away.

… now, the only question is how Gus and Ringo will react when they realize the numbers now favor the dogs. :-)