Uwe Boll has hit a new low.


There is no kind, soft lead into this story, so I’m just going to say it: 200 people walked out of a free screening of Uwe Boll’s Postal, because the opening scenes of the film, which depict terrorists deciding to turn their planes towards the Bahamas rather than crash them into the World Trade Center, only to crash them into the World Trade Center after passengers storm the cockpit.

Let me reiterate so this doesn’t slip past anybody: Two hundred people… walked out of a free showing of Uwe Boll’s Postal… in the first ten minutes.


Boll defended the film, saying that while he didn’t want to hurt anybody, he wanted Postal to break the rules, and bring into question what exactly is “taboo”.

All the same, two hundred people, give or take a handful… wow… however sad that this story may sound, it begs the question: Which is more pathetic? The fact that the film itself was already available for free showings, or that the audience still stormed out in droves?

Damnation. I knew Boll’s films were horrible, even going back to when Ain’t It Cool News savaged House of the Dead. His movies have been universally panned, and it amazes how he manages to get the casts he does. (His budgets, on the other hand, are no mystery: they come from German companies trying to exploit loopholes in German tax laws.) Still, this is probably rock bottom for him, and that says something about a man who hates his critics so much that he more or less tricks them into a boxing match where he promises to go easy and give free training, but reneges on the training and pounds them into a bloody pulp instead.

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  1. lol you can watch the scene in question on youtube.com…I have ti say I laughed my ass off…when are people going to get a sense of humor?

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