Nine Inch Nails has a new album, and it’s free?

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner?

Two weeks ago, over at the official Nine Inch Nails website, a new NIN album called The Slip was announced. Like Ghosts I-IV, the album is available as a digital download in MP3, FLAC, and Apple Lossless format. Unlike Ghosts I-IV, this album is completely free. As Trent Reznor put it in the post announcing The Slip, “thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years – this one’s on me”.

I’ve already gone ahead and downloaded the album in Apple Lossless format, and have added it to my iTunes library. I’ll spend some time a bit later listening to it. Still, this is one of the reasons I have a hell of a lot of respect for Trent Reznor. He broke from his own label, and is now giving the fans what they want at price points that are extremely reasonable. Add that to the fact that his music is still as good as ever (in my opinion), and you’ve got me as a continued listener and fan. :-) I just wish I hadn’t found out about two weeks after its release… heh.

If you want to download The Slip for yourself, you can do so from the official website.