Ah, a three day weekend is upon me…

So, tomorrow is the Fourth of July (otherwise known in this house of Brits as Thanksgiving), and as a result I get a three day weekend. Whether or not I’ll actually get to spend much time relaxing tomorrow is open to debate, considering the fact that our Mexico and Canada locations at work will NOT have the day off, and knowing them they’ll be contacting us with support issues. Ah, well… truth be told, other than a bit of a personnel shakeup at work, it’s been relatively quiet this week. Let’s just hope it stays that way through the rest of the weekend. I could use the rest. :-)

I have to admit, though, that the highlight for me of the past week or so has been trying the Melting Pot, after hearing Jesse rave about it for so long. Mom decided she wanted to go there for her birthday dinner, so Dad and I went ahead and indulged her. So, what was our verdict, you may ask? Well… if we go back, we’ll do the cheese and chocolate fondue thing only. We won’t do the full experience; if I ever go with Jesse and Rob I’ll skip the entree. We loved the cheese fondue part and we loved the chocolate fondue part. However… having to cook our own meat at the table? No. My idea of a good meal is not looking at my cell phone’s clock to see when I should be removing my skewers from the pot and hope the meat is sufficiently cooked. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret going. It was a learning experience… and I learned the full experience isn’t my cup of tea. :-)

Ah, well… it’s getting late, and I need to catch up on sleep. I plan on doing a lot of that this weekend, to make up for lost sleep this last week. So, off to bed I go… :-)