Rush gives a performance worthy of Dave.

As I’ve stated before here, Louie, Dave, and I have taken to playing Rock Band whenever we’re at Louie’s place. I usually end up on vocals, Louie plays guitar, and Dave takes drums. In fact, Louie and I end up needing to rescue Dave whenever he falls apart during a song. :-) Well, Dave should be heartened by the following clip of three people playing Rock Band and trying to perform the song “Tom Sawyer”, which was originally by Rush.

Why should he feel heartened, you may ask? Well, maybe it’s because the three people who end up failing miserably at playing “Tom Sawyer” are, in fact, Rush themselves… :-)

2 thoughts on “Rush gives a performance worthy of Dave.”

  1. Yikes! Neil looked REALLY out of his element, Geddy can’t quite squeeze it up there anymore, and Alex, just, well, sucked.

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