It’s been an… interesting week.

Well, I can’t say it’s not been a semi-uneventful week.

It was my parents’ 40th anniversary this week. To celebrate, the folks went to Shreveport, LA in order to do some gambling. I COULD have tagged along without using any vacation time by working at our Shreveport facility during the day, but I decided to let them have their fun and stay home taking care of the cats. The dogs were boarded because with one person looking after them they would have been too much to handle.

Anyway, they left Sunday, and were due to come back Wednesday. On Monday, I called Dad to relay his email to him (as he didn’t take his laptop), and they informed me they were coming back a day early. I was amused but unsurprised; I figured they would get bored up there, as there’s less to do there than there is in Vegas. When they got back, we ate at Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and they told me that they had indeed gotten bored, as there wasn’t anything much to do outside of the casino and they had been spoiled by Vegas. I understood, but then I’m not quite like my parents. When they go to casinos, they only play slots. The first couple of times I went to Vegas I played slots… and quickly grew bored of them. I moved on to blackjack, and nowadays you’re much more likely to find me in the poker room than anywhere else in a casino.

We didn’t get the dogs out of boarding until today, which gave Gus (one of our two cats) time to rediscover his old habits when hanging around downstairs. What I had forgotten was how pushy he could be in the morning when you’re trying to eat breakfast, because he wants to get to the milk in your bowl. I’d end up spending as much time (if not more) keeping him away from my cereal than actually eating it. That was one thing I won’t miss now that the dogs have returned and reasserted their dominion over the ground floor of the house. :-)

The only thing of real note that happened this week was that Dolly gave us a VERY glancing blow. I had a few people ask if I was okay because of the storm. The storm actually made landfall 400 miles or so away; all we got was rain due to the extreme outer bands of the storm. We actually got more rain today than yesterday, leading to a very wet and humid day. Of course, I weathered it with no problems (no pun intended), but not everyone else did. This DHL driver making a delivery to the facility I was at today certainly didn’t…

A DHL van runs into some problems...
A DHL van runs into some problems...

Ah, well. In any event, it’s probably going to be an uneventful weekend, other than possibly meeting George to create a character for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign he’s doing with Chris, Preston, and Tiffany. I never got into D&D in the old days, but after years of playing EverQuest I think I’m ready to give it a try again and see what happens. Then it’ll be a short work week, as I go to visit Misty on Friday.

Hopefully the next week will speed by. :-)