Apparently KITT and Flynn are returning.

All right, so San Diego Comic-Con is over and done with. I didn’t get to go this year… but then, I haven’t really gone ANY year. This would have been the year for me to go, simply because of the fact that Midway was previewing Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe there. Ah, well. I am not here to discuss that, though, as my friend Justin has already done so over at Mortal Kombat Online. Instead, I want to speak quickly about another couple of announcements I found pretty interesting.

As a lot of people know, several months ago NBC aired a TV-movie/backdoor pilot which was a continuation of Knight Rider. It admittedly did not go over too well. Well, NBC’s gone ahead with a full series, except this time it seems like they listened to the complaints about the TV movie and took them to heart. Apparently most of the people from the TV movie are returning (including Val Kilmer as KITT), but the show has a new showrunner… namely, the guy who was responsible for The Fast and the Furious and Las Vegas. It looks better than the TV movie did. Only time will tell if it’s actually any good, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

The other announcement was much more of a “holy shit” type announcement. There had been rumours of a theatrical sequel to Tron for a while now. But then, they had only been rumours; the closest we’d seen was a video game called Tron 2.0 which had starred Bruce Boxleitner, who had played Alan and Tron in the original film. Well, at Comic-Con, Disney released a couple of minutes of footage which actually served as a teaser for the sequel, which is apparently going to be called Tr2n. What surprised me was the presence of Jeff Bridges, who played Kevin Flynn in the first film. The video here is a cleaned up version of one recorded from the Comic-Con presentation.

If you’re wondering who the yellow warrior is, I’ve heard it said that it’s Clu, Flynn’s program from the first movie. Yes, that is the younger Bridges appearance that he has.

All in all, I have to admit I’m looking forward to both of these. We’ll end up seeing how good (or bad) either is, but either way they should be interesting…