Good weight loss and bad weight loss…

Well, yesterday I weighed myself once again. I’m down to 221 pounds, which means that so far I’ve lost 37 pounds. It might have been a little bit more had I gotten a chance to exercise Thursday night. As it was, I was at work until 11 PM and didn’t even have a chance to eat dinner that night. Then again, my weight loss was helped by the fact that from Monday through Wednesday, all I would have for lunch was pho. At this rate, I doubt I’ll make my final goal (195 pounds) by the end of the year. That’s okay, though, because as long as I’m LOSING weight and not GAINING it (which I haven’t done since I started this diet/lifestyle change), I’m in good shape… no pun intended. We’ll see how things go over the next couple of months, but for right now I’m feeling good. :-)

What I’m NOT feeling so good about is my cat Gus. Over the past month or two he’s been losing weight dramatically. We’re not sure what’s wrong with him, as about the only obvious problem we can see is his weight loss; he’s as perky as ever and his coat is in great shape. Still, according to the vet, he’s gone from fifteen and a half pounds to eight and a half pounds, and his weight loss is pretty obvious. Dad has joked that because I’m Gus’s “special friend”, he’s decided to lose weight because I have too. It’s an amusing thought, but we’re still worried about him. According to the vet he’s dehydrated, so we’ve been having to give him an IV of water or saline (I forget which) every night. Let me tell you, that has NOT been fun. I took Dad’s place today in holding Gus down while Mom put the needle in, and while he was calmer with me than he was with Dad, he still made his displeasure WELL known. I also now have a bandage on my right hand, as he gouged me pretty badly with one of his back claws trying to get away. (He’s since forgiven me, though.)

Still, like I said, I’ve been doing well on my own weight loss… but I am worried about Gus. It doesn’t help that he’s an older cat and this could very well be an indicator of something far more serious. We won’t know until the lab tests come back, though. Here’s hoping everything goes well… both for me and for him.