An update on Gus…

Well, as stated in the previous post, we were getting extremely worried about Gus. Mom and I were discussing him on Sunday, and came to the decision that unless we heard good news from the vet yesterday, we would go into worst case scenario.

Fortunately, we won’t have to go there. :-)

According to the vet, Gus has a benign tumor on his thyroid, which explains why he hasn’t been wanting to eat. Of the three options open to us right now, we’re going for the least invasive/expensive option just in case other things the vet noticed don’t make the whole point moot. The option we’re going for is daily medication. From there we’ll see how he takes to it and whether he improves any.

I’m thankful that we didn’t need to go into worst case scenario. Other than losing weight, he hasn’t shown any other signs of problems; he’s as playful and perky (and some would say annoying and pushing) as ever. At this point, we’ll just take it as it goes. I’m just glad things are really looking up for him.

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