Bah! Time for a server replacement.

This is a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning.

I have three servers here at the house. One is the main server that hosts my (and others’) websites and email. One is my DNS server. The third is a test server I use for various projects. I knew the secondary hard drive on the test server was going bad and needed to be replaced, but I didn’t realize how bad off the server was until this morning. I had noticed that I hadn’t gotten a system status email from it in a day or two, so I decided to check on it. The system wasn’t responding to keyboard input and the screen was blank (I don’t run a GUI on my servers), so I forcibly powered the server down, and then powered it back up.

It responded by giving a series of long beeps. Crap.

I’m going to have to buy a new server or salvage an older machine and get it operational. I have a couple of projects coming up that will require that server to be up and running, so having it die on me now is not a good thing. I’ll probably snag a replacement machine later this week. For now, though, I’m just going to work around it until such time as the replacement is operational.