Everything’s bigger in Texas… including the rats?

Normally I wouldn’t post from my desk at work, but I needed to share this one. My coworker Zoom sent me an email just now that, well… I’ll let you see for yourself.

Okay, ya’ll need to take a look at this. I was at the Restaurant Adobe and it was next to a creek. As you can the geese are adult age.. What is that rodent??? That is a huge rat!

As for the rats in question, well…

Apparently they’re called “nutria rats”, according to my coworker Keila. They go up to people in parks here in town… and people actually feed them! WTF?

Then again, I look at rats of this size and immediately start thinking of skaven. Of course, that’s just the fantasy/sci-fi geek in me, but still… those are some damned large rats.

2 thoughts on “Everything’s bigger in Texas… including the rats?”

  1. Those noses look a little big for rats, but I could be wrong. But I’m not wrong about a true rat running right by me on the streets of Ame-mura in Osaka.

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