A “virtual” Festivus…

In about two hours, I’ll be over at McCormick Manor (aka, Sean’s father’s house) for Sean’s annual Festivus party. Seeing as there are people who want to attend but won’t be able to, Sean and I have worked together to make a live feed of the event. In addition, Sean Loyless is making a live feed of his Festivus party as well, and we’ll have it set up where we’ll be seeing each other live. If you want to take part as well, just fire up Skype and add “VirtualFestivus” as a contact. You’ll be conferenced in as well!

McCormick Manor live feed:
San Antonio live feed:

We’ll start broadcasting from McCormick Manor sometime between 7 and 8 PM CST. Consider this your chance to see me live and not in a set video like an interview. :-) If I don’t hear from you, have a happy Festivus, everyone!