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I’m posting this link and the relevant part of the comment from it simply because it reminded me so much of someone I know. Said person will remain nameless, but a number of people who read this blog (whether on darquecathedral.org or LiveJournal) know who it is.


Bad Guys are Shmucks.

Bad Guys don’t like to fix the problems within themselves, because that’s hard and scary work. So instead, and this is what makes them Bad Guys, they pretend that they’re perfect and that the world outside them is imperfect. This is much easier to do, probably because it doesn’t actually change anything. Changing things takes work. Wishful Thinking only takes Wishful Thinking.

Where it gets ugly is when the world says, “Uh, no, actually. You’re living in an illusion and you’re the ugly one. Sorry, but that’s the objective reality of the situation.”

When faced with this, the Bad Guy has a problem; S/he has to either fess up or fall into even more aggressive denial of the subject in order to placate themselves. Fessing up gets progressively more difficult to do as you train your brain to work in certain ways; those synaptic pathways get wider the more you use them. So typically, the classic Bad Guy will then villainize the people or things which are telling them how things really stand. And in the end if it goes far enough, the Bad Guy will actually go out and try to destroy the things or people which are making them look stupid as stupid as they are. –Usually while crying, “Evil!” or some such clattering nonsense.

The fascinating thing about it is that the Bad Guy has practiced hard at pretending fake realities into view while deliberately not seeing what’s right in front of them. They are adept ignorers, and thus have horribly atrophied senses of awareness. This is they miss the obvious, like embarrassing code in their own products while hypocritically crying foul. The more Bad a Bad Guy is, the more incredibly stupid and weak-minded they become.

But even more interesting is the fact that when faced with evidence of such blatant crimes, the Bad Guy is no more able now than before to fess up to the fact that they are Bad Guys. They’ll try to rationalize, and indeed lie outright that they are the ones being maligned.

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