Site and system changes…

Well, as you can probably tell (unless you’re seeing the site via the LiveJournal mirror), I’ve switched the site’s theme. I had been using the same theme since I reopened the D’Arque Cathedral back in 2005, and while I had been updating the site’s WordPress software all that time, I hadn’t been updating the theme. It’s just as well, as the theme stopped being updated some years back. Unfortunately, during that time I decided I wanted widget support in the site, and the original theme was too old to support such things. So, I went ahead and looked for a new theme. I FINALLY found one today that I could use with a bit of tweaking, and with Joey “CCShadow” Schorr’s help, I got it up and running. It now looks a bit cleaner and more up to date, and to keep it from looking too static I made my Twitter feed available on it. For now, though, I think it looks nice. :-)

The website isn’t the only thing I recently updated. A few days ago, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

Windows 7 desktop on my main PC
Windows 7 desktop on my main PC

Yes, I put Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 on my main PC.

Actually, so far, I’m quite impressed. It certainly runs smoother and lighter than Windows Vista did, and so far the only problems I’ve had with installing stuff have been my fault, especially when trying to restore my Firefox and Thunderbird settings. The interface took a little getting used to, especially as other than when testing the release candidates of Vista for a couple of weeks, I’m mostly used to Windows XP. (I, of course, exclude Linux and Mac from that.) Still, I think I’ll definitely migrate to the final version of 7 when it comes out. The only thing I haven’t tested has been games; I’ve reinstalled Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2, but haven’t tried loading them yet. Then again, I don’t know if the latest video drivers from ATI will support my video card; my card is less than four years old yet ATI recently retired a bunch of cards including mine. Ah, well…

For now, though, I’m just going to continue tweaking the site and my system as best I can, until I get them to a point that I’m most comfortable with and think runs best. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, suggestions/comments on the new layout are welcome. :-)