Heat overwhelming…

I spent most of yesterday over at my friend Dave’s place. In the evening, while he and I were discussing something regarding movies, Dad gave me a call. He suggested that I stay the night over at Dave’s, as the air conditioning at the house was out. I decided it couldn’t be that bad, as I endured two weeks without A/C after Hurricane Ike, and made my way home when it was time to go. (I also had other reasons for not wanting to stay, but I won’t get into them here.) It wasn’t too bad when I got home, so I decided to ride it out.

I’m beginning to wonder whether that was really a good idea.

What I forgot to take into account was that temperatures in Houston dropped significantly in the aftermath of Ike, and Houston is presently in a record-breaking heat wave. Right now, the temperature indicator on my system keyboard says it’s 99 degrees in my bedroom. Fortunately I have the ceiling fan going full blast, and also have a desk fan sitting elsewhere in my room providing circulation. My main server’s faring a bit worse, though; the LCD temperature gauge on the front of the case is reading twenty degrees higher than usual. Probably most horrifying of all, I’m also having to wear a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt in order to keep cool. Those who have met me in person will tell you that I almost NEVER wear shorts (and haven’t in public in probably over a decade), and I don’t have anywhere near the physique that can carry a muscle shirt well. Fortunately, with it being nearly 5:30 PM, it should start cooling down in the house within the next few hours.

Dad’s already arranged for someone to come out first thing in the morning to fix the air conditioning. I wish it could have been today, but never mind. For now, though, I’m just going to go downstairs, have a cold drink or two, and help my parents figure out what the heck we’re going to do about supper (as none of us want to work over a hot stove or oven).