This wasn’t the portable gaming system I had anticipated getting…

For a while, I had been saying that I would get myself a newish portable gaming system like a Nintendo DS. While I still have my Game Boy Advance, I wanted something with newer games. The reason I wanted a portable gaming system is because while it’s not as true as it used to be, I still do some travel for work (and for vacation) so I wanted something to entertain myself with. Well, a few days ago, I realized that I DID get myself a portable gaming system. I just hadn’t realized it.

As it turns out, my portable gaming system is my iPhone.

I had been getting games for it for a while, but it was only within the past couple of months that I started getting the higher-end games. For example, when I first started, I got my hands on 21 Pro Sponsored (a blackjack game) and SolFree (a collection of Solitaire games). However, I’ve been buying more and more games recently. The one I’ve been playing most often has been Apple’s own Texas Hold Em, which I use as a sort of poker practice. The rest of my games are, with one exception, new versions of old games. The one exception is Wolfenstein 3D Classic, which is literally the original Wolfenstein 3D with an iPhone/iPod Touch friendly format. I also picked up Galaga Remix and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, which are very fun versions of the original game, with updated graphics and gameplay. (The latter even allows you to use your own music while playing.)

The most interesting of the remakes, though, is DOOM Resurrection. I had been planning to buy it for a while, but when I realized this weekend that it was only $3, I went ahead and bought it. It’s a different concept for a DOOM game: it’s an on-rails shooter, and aiming is accomplished by tilting the phone. I had expected aiming to be difficult, but it actually works extremely well. With all the work I’d had to do this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to finish the game, but I probably will later this week.

That said, I wouldn’t mind getting a few more games for the system. I understand Space Ace has been released, but I would much rather have Dragon’s Lair. The original DOOM is being ported as well, but honestly I’m not sure if I want to pay for another port, considering I have the PC version and the Xbox Live Arcade version. I also admit that it would be nice if Square-Enix would port some of their Final Fantasy games; after all, they did release the original for cell phones. As for other games… I’ll see what’s coming and what’s available, and decide from there.

This wasn’t the gaming system I had thought I would get… but it’s working out pretty well for me nonetheless. :-)